TuneGO®’s Revolutionary Digital Vault Helps Protect Artists’ Proprietary Content During the NFT Creation Process

Groundbreaking Patented Platform for Securely Sharing & Storing Digital Music Files Establishes the Chain of Custody for a Song Prior to the Minting of an NFT

TuneGO® Inc. is leveling the playing field in the music industry by streamlining content and music rights management, creative collaboration, plus distribution, licensing and promotion, on a single unified digital platform, enabling artists and creatives to focus on what they do best—making music.

LAS VEGAS, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The information surrounding the creative rights for a song remains at the heart of one of the biggest problems plaguing the music industry. Every year, billions of dollars in music royalties go unpaid due to inadequate data collection or disputes related to music rights, something which is further compounded by the new trend of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Today, TuneGO®, Inc., a leading music technology provider offering a platform secured by cutting-edge solutions with more than 70 granted patent claims, unveiled the next-generation TuneGO Vault. The first-of-its-kind solution will give artists the ability to maintain full control over the entire creative process, providing the ability to establish a chain of custody for a song prior to the minting of an NFT. This level of detailed tracking of creative rights and contributions has never before been available to artists. The enhanced TuneGO Vault also provides artists with the highest level of protection and security for their work, enabling them to privately store and share their content with peace of mind.

The TuneGO Vault is a cloud-based platform for securely storing and sharing music in digital form, including audio files as well as the project and stem files (bass, drums, vocals, and melody of a track) from recording sessions. When a song’s files are added to the Vault, they are time-stamped and song ownership is assigned to the originating artist, who can provide digital access keys to collaborators, contributors, and listeners, and take away those access keys at any time. All activity and messages related to contributions, collaborations, splits, and metadata tagging, are detailed and tracked, creating an indisputable “digital record” of song ownership in the cloud.

“Historically, the creative process of music was like a black box full of many unknowns about the production of a song, leading to a domino effect of problems that would exist for years to come,” said John Kohl, Co-Founder and CEO of TuneGO. “We built the TuneGO Vault with protection top of mind. Our engineers dedicated incredible resources and time to developing a solution that would put an end to the confusion surrounding creative rights ownership for artists, publishers, and record labels once and for all. The TuneGO Vault is the culmination of those efforts, and truly represents a point of demarcation for the industry as more artists, big and small, explore the uncharted waters of NFTs.”

The TuneGO Vault’s features include:

  • A secure digital Vault where artists can interact and share music files with collaborators, managers, distribution and licensing companies, and record label and music publishing administrators.
  • The tracking and organization of metadata related to the music ownership of a song, along with other valuable information required for the collection of royalties.
  • The addition of metadata after the creative process is completed, making it possible for record labels and music publishers to secure and digitize music ownership for artists’ back catalogs (music which has already been recorded and commercialized).
  • Patented file-sharing technology allowing song owners to provide private access to audio files, while preventing listeners from downloading them—plus security features which 1) require external users to register for the Vault, and 2) record the IP address and device used to stream audio files.
  • The recording of every action taken by music owners, contributors, and collaborators, including file uploads, metadata entries and edits, the sharing and listening of audio files, secure user-access invitations sent to contributors/collaborators, production and songwriting contributions, plus copyright and publishing ownership. Every activity in the TuneGO Vault is recorded and tracked using TuneGO’s patented Fingerprint technology, designed with the understanding that a song is as unique as a fingerprint.
  • Song publishing tools enabling songs from a music owner’s digital Vault to be published on public distribution channels, such as streaming services and social platforms, and utilized for sync placements (such as TV programs, films, video games, and digital interactive media).

“TuneGO’s focus has been on the foundation of digital music rights,” said Mark Goldston, a Member of the Board of Directors of TuneGO, as well as a TuneGO Vault patented inventor and Chairman and CEO of The Goldston Group. “Thanks to recent high-profile NFT sales, artists are gravitating towards this new avenue of distribution and monetization, and as they do so, rights management becomes more important than ever before. For the first time ever, our forward-thinking TuneGO Vault technology gives creators a complete and thorough record of the entire creative process for a song, documenting contributions and splits from the very beginning. By securely tracking this metadata with in-depth detail and precision, artists will be in the strongest position possible when it comes to minting an NFT and auctioning the creation on their platform of choice.”

About TuneGO
TuneGO® Inc. is leveling the playing field in the music industry. We streamline content and music rights management, creative collaboration, plus distribution, licensing and promotion, on a single unified digital platform, enabling artists and creatives to focus on what they do best—making music. Our patented technology stores a complete, permanent digital record of the music creation process in the cloud, essentially digitizing an artist’s catalog while protecting creative rights throughout their career. TuneGO’s end-to-end ecosystem also offers streaming distribution, sync licensing opportunities, and promotional services to help artists take their music to the global stage.

By giving artists the capability to securely manage their digital content and control their creative rights on the same platform where they distribute and license their music—ensuring artists are paid all of the royalties to which they are entitled—TuneGO is breaking new ground in the music industry. To learn more, please visit www.tunego.com or contact TuneGO at info@TuneGO.com. TuneGO is a free download in the app store and is powered by cutting-edge technology which has more than 70 granted patent claims.

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